The Yoga Room was created by Heather Webb, with a dream of sharing all that yoga has introduced into her life and changed her throughout her journey.


Heather Webb, founder of the Yoga Room, began her journey in 2012.  She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Accounting and Finance.  Awaiting her newest venture to join the corporate bandwagon and become a member of "The Firm" - the largest Accounting Firm in the world at the time.  

Two weeks after graduation, her universe had a different plan.  Heather was diagnosed with metastatic Melanoma.  The cancer was progressive, leaving her with a 20% chance of surviving 1 year and a 50% chance of living through 5 at the age of 22.

From what Heather had just began to learn about the yoga theory from her Rasamaya Barre training, it seemed like the only step she could think of.  

She began researching the chakras according to where her tumor lied and what imbalance in her lifestyle may have caused this to happen.  She researched foods, what to eat to decrease inflammation and what to do to prevent the regeneration of cancer cells. She wanted to know what part of her life, mind, or heart was so imbalanced that it would cause this.  She found a need to do what she could, to not leave her life in the hands of (though intelligent), ultimately, strangers.

Yoga and walking were the only things she could do after her first two major surgeries.

"Through my surgeries and diagnosis I walked 5-7 miles a day, and started a yoga practice that was no longer all about the core workout or sweating as much as possible.  I had to tune in to my body and its incisions, weaknesses and imperfections...  

                                                                                                   I had to clear my mind from all the what-ifs, and sad stories and just be.

Three months after Heather's diagnosis, her mother, Amy Webb, owner of Webb's Pro Fitness and top 50 WaterAerobics instructors in the country, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a chronic blood and bone cancer that required intensive treatment.  

Amy began researching the power of the mind, through Louis Haye, 'The Secret', Deepak Chopra and many others.  Sharing with each other, they helped each other keep going.  But were never alone in this.  Amy and Heather along with the three strongest people they know, Curtis (brother/son), Gretchen (sister/daughter) and Greg (father/husband)... \ would beat this. Together. 

Yoga became a place where we could go, for just one hour, and not be defined by a disease.  To push yourself to your own limit, be given challenges and modifications and the discomfort was temporary.  A place for the mind to wander and not wonder.

A few months into treatment, Heather felt she needed to be like every other 22 year old - she wanted to ignore this "road block" and life to start.  So she joined "The Firm".  But after a few months of being the girl in the office sitting on a ball and handing out meditation CDs to the uptight, unhappy staff, she came to realize...  Amy was about to go into a 30-day isolation unit having her immune system completely wiped out and rebuilt, Heather was work 70 hours a week in Boston, her hair had begun to fall out and she was sicker than ever before. 

                                                              Life had already begun. There was no destination, all there is is a journey that can easily be missed.

"After leaving the firm, I continued to meet amazing, incredible people on this journey.  All of them had one thing in common...they had dreams and goals and wishes, but they had no deadlines or schedules to abide by. No 5 or 10 year plans.  No destinations - just journeys.

A cancer patient's journey is difficult, but a caregiver's journey is a feeling of incomparable, unsettling, helplessness that wraps around your heart.

After finishing treatment, Heather and her brother and sister, Curtis and Gretchen went to California to honor the end of this path by taking a piece of Heather's last medicine box and throwing it off every crazy cliff they could find.  Heather went on to a personal yoga retreat after Curtis and Gretchen went back East, where she found herself guided by a guru.  He gave her the encouragement that every person's journey is different, and what may happen to you may be part of a lesson for someone else.


The Yoga Room was created as a space for community, for all different walks of life to find a place of comfort.  A place to feel accepted, a place where anyone can do yoga, and yoga can be done ANYWHERE. (In the studio you will see pictures of people doing yoga in all different places... so think of us so we can post you on our bulletin board!) Whether its for the workout or the mind/body aspect or BOTH.  Yoga allows us to settle with something that can be so unsettling it holds you back from living your life.  

"I know that no matter what type of day or week or month it has been, my mat will accept me for whatever I did, or said, or thought.   And I hope the same for my students"

The Yoga Room is meant to honor that there is no ONE cure or ONE method to heal or cope ANY disease or hardship.  The Yoga Room welcomes just you, unattached from what may be defining you in that particular moment in life.  A place to just live. To breathe. To just be."

With a hope to share ways to cope and heal from the surprises that life sometimes brings us.  And learning to honor these unpredictable moments as a beautiful journey... the Yoga Room.