The greatest gift of all

You can choose to love or hate the holidays.

The gearing up and the stress of gift giving and parties to attend and what to wear and who is going and what to bring.  

But its the time of year that you get to dwell on what someone else wants, what might make someone else smile when they open their gift.  If we didn't have this time of year, how much we might miss about knowing our friends and families' wants and wishes and desires.  The time of year we get to step out of our own and think WHAT in the WORLD would my mother want... what does she need... what would make HER happy.

And sometimes we get wrapped up in the costs! And retailers all over the world take this time of year and run with it. But they're right, right? When ELSE other than Christmas does everyone stop - get out of their shoes for a moment - and think about what to buy someone else.

I mean it's kind of beautiful in a sense.

What if... you made a gift for every person you care for? Yes.. you get them their Uggs and their jackets.  But what if we all stopped and took a look at your life intertwined with that person and MADE them a gift? Something you can share... 

Gifts made are those gifts that stick around. Every mom still has ONE colored noodle necklace made by... yours truly :) 

At the beginning of the holiday season, my friends at Lulu Lemon challenged me to give presence this year.  And I CONFESS - I still email in public... but I bring attention to the fact I am doing it, and that's got to be Step 1 in my 10-step CPAA (Cell Phone Addict Anonymous).  Giving presence isn't just about putting away your phone. Its about being in the "right now" and finding love in every minute of it.  Breathing in deeply when you smell that tree, and pulling over on the side of the road when you see that colorful flashing house! Wishing someone else Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Giving your time to thinking and being with someone else.

This season - can you step back and commend yourself for thinking of others before yourself?  Can you give your presence - maybe by making a gift or visiting an old friend, instead of walking around a shop..or looking for the best deal online... can you give someone else the most precious gift you've ever been given? Your time.