This week's theme:'s "unfair"

We find that our world tends to have a way of competition, of jealousy, of perfection - and striving for such.  We find undeserving people receiving undeserving praise.  Like that guy at work getting promoted for an idea he didn't think of, or the homecoming of an estranged friend that suddenly gets a party thrown in their honor, or the tragedy of the word "inheritance" and the unfathomable things money does to people.  But who are we to claim these things as unfair? As the receiving person may consider it just that.... fair.

We hear many times people say, "life's not fair".  But could we allow ourselves to believe that unfair is only deemed "unfair" when seen through the eyes of the beholder?  

When the person next to you in yoga class goes into a handstand for their first try, and you, you've been practicing for years and almost have lifted your leg... well in the eyes of the beholder that can be seen in many different ways:

Jealous.  Unfair.  

But what about excited? proud? What about actually putting yourself in that persons' mind for just that one moment and taking yourself out of yours....wouldn't you be happy? When the undeserving co-worker gets his raise...if you were them.... you'd be happy too, wouldn't you? Happiness is not something to strive for... its the ULTIMATE goal.. but a broad word to set as an everyday intention as happiness is an everyday emotion, but its the ULTIMATE glory we strive for.  So I ask you to set an intention this week to take yourself out of you... and put yourself (for a moment) in someone else's shoes.  Maybe we begin to be inspired to stay in the moment, maybe we aim to separate ourselves from the "if that were me..."s and the "But I did...."s and maybe just by living in someone else's perspective we can be happier living in our own.