I Practice today so I can practice tomorrow

For those of you in class this week you heard me ramble on about “practice” and it could have been one of those “screw you Heather Moments” that we have… but I ask you to consider this quote and the evolution of how it may begin to resonate with you and that change.

When I first read this… I practice today so I can practice tomorrow… I thought, yes! keep my body in motion, I practice and allow that evolution of my practice to become “tomorrow’s practice”.  That a practice is ever-changing! And I practice today to continue that practice. So that when I am older and my body ages, that practice remains! You know...! So that when I’m 95 I’m doing a handstand and practicing a split! 

BUT! Then I started to repeat that quote and the evolution began.... as it gave me excitement for my tomorrow’s practice I realized how much MORE that really meant.  A practice is more than physical, (and if its not for you today - it may be tomorrow), because its about the alignment and the trust that builds between the mind, body and heart in your practice.  And at the end of every class, you make that motion after savasana to MOVE your practice OFF of your mat and into the world! Because you and your intention and your energetic body - you just aligned! You just aligned the body to speak to the heart and the heart to speak to your mind and the mind to speak to your body. You just faced intensity and relaxation at the same time, you just faced discomfort and instead of backing away, you listened to your body, you controlled your body with your breath and you GOT THROUGH IT.  And heck! You may have set an intention while you were there and that intention evolves - with your practice - with your life.  

Imagine your practice walks with you… not back on a 2.5’ x 6’ foam pad!!! Move with your breath, set an intention for gratitude so that when all else fails, you still can pay gratitude to SOMEthing… your body, your breath, your feet, your hands, your surroundings.  When you practice moving with your breath, creating space with your breath. When all else fails, you have your breath.  To be mindful of, to create patience with, to come back to YOU and how YOU feel and what you WANT.  Your practice is so so so much more than just being a nimble 95 year old… you practice patience and gratitude today so that if ever it feels like all else fails…. oh wait…. you’ve practiced this… I am……..“Gratitude” “Patience” “Trust” “Whole-hearted” “Health” “Fulfilled” “Honest” “Forgiving”

You practice today so you practice tomorrow.