Restorative & Yoga Nidra (Meditation) 

                Wednesday evenings at 5:30 PM

Join Andrea for your Wednesday unwind of the craziness the week may have brought.  Release the tension and surrender into sweet juicy stretches and end class with Yoga Nidra - a soothing meditation that resembles the state of in between sleep & consciousness.  Let the mind let go and fall into this sweet sweet bliss

Restorative Yoga

         Sunday evenings at 6 PM

Restorative yoga focuses on relaxing the muscles and the central nervous system while you melt into postures and enjoy the assistance of bolsters, blocks and blankets.  Utilizing breath to move deeper into the stretches and release tension in the mind and body.

Gentle Yoga 101

         Mondays at 9:00 AM w/ Karen

Join  Karen as she takes you through and breaks down the soft flows of yoga.  Beginning class gently with soft stretches, moving into upright and standing poses, breaking down alignment, posture and focus.  Winding down class with a restorative flare - Karen's voice and creative touch will begin your week on the right foot!  Karen's specialty is restorative yoga, with her relaxing voice to take your mind away from what lies outside the studio walls, Gentle Yoga is GREAT for the beginner and the yogi seeking a gentle stretch

Rise & Shine Yoga

            Tuesdays & Fridays at 7:30 AM w/ Amy and Heather only $5 (price subj to change)

This class is only $5 as Heather & Amy's way of giving back to their community and making the class affordable and open to anyone who just wants to try yoga.  This class is geared towards yogis of all levels, with many options and building blocks provided.  This is a Vinyasa Flow style class, focused on movement and breathing, and most  importantly - letting go. 

Yoga for You!  

            Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM w/ Tracie

This class is for those who are in search for a small class geared towards YOU! And your needs that day! Tracie flows through stretches giving modifications along the way! She adds a little playfulness at the end with a forgiving and optional challenge.  Yoga has been proven to decrease stress & anxiety while at the same time releasing tension within the joints and muscles to decrease risk of injury.   This is your opportunity to fall in love with an energetic, softening yoga class to melt you into your mat and come out renewed!  Great class for the beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi!

Therapeutic Yoga

            Tuesdays @ 10 AM w/ Suzanne Higgins

Join this class as we go through a flow of stretches and breathing exercises.  Breathwork and stretching are a proven way to increase lymphatic flow, decrease inflammation, lower high blood pressure.  Join Suzanne, a yoga practitioner for almost 20 years, as she takes you through postures and aligns your body to create strength around the joints.  This class is PERFECT for the yogi that doesn't like putting their head upside down!


  Wednesdays @ 6:45 PM with Marie Freeman - 6 week series, March 22nd - April 26th! **10 class punches & unlimited yoga passes work as well for this! 

QiGong is a gentle practice of movements which increases your flexibility, strength, balance and deepens the breath.  This practice promotes energy flow throughout the body which produces powerful healing benefits.  QiGong is a beautiful slow moving flow of movements which are easy to learn and can be beneficial for all ages.  

QiGong Chair Yoga

    Wednesdays at 10:30 AM w/ Amy **4-week series (goes by month) OR use punch pass OR your UNLIMITED yoga package 

The class runs in session but you are allowed to drop in!

Join Amy as she takes you through a healing flow.  The chair allows participants to get the benefits of yoga with the assistance and balance of a chair and without putting their head upside down.  A perfect sequence to lower stress, help with your breathing and continued gentle movement!

Barre / Yoga

              Wednesdays @ 7:00 AM w/ Heather $5

This is a strengthening class using body weight and yoga stretches to elongate and lean your muscles! Only 45 minutes - you will hit every body part and end class in a seated or supine meditation or savasana!

No More Ups & Downs Yoga!

              Thursdays @ 10 AM w/ Andrea  

In this one hour class, Andrea will guide you through yoga postures and stretches while you remain standing! There will be no more ups & downs, simply staying standing up (with the option of using a chair).  The end of class you will have the option to take some stretches & meditation sitting/lying down or seated in a chair!

Soulful Flow 

            Thursday @ 5:00 PM w/ Pam

Join Pam for a juicy stretch and a bit of laughter as you brighten up the end of your week and prepare for FRIDAY! This class is GREAT for the beginner! A gentle flow with a lot of options given for any level.  Pam breaks down the poses and alignment to ensure your stability and allow you to soften your tightness throughout class! Pam moves with breath to improve lymphatic flow and laughter to improve self love! Because THAT's what its all about!!


These classes are included in Webb's memberships.  These classes are open to ALL levels, with people of all ages and levels of yoga - the classes are geared to the moderate yogi, giving modifications and challenges throughout!

All Levels Flow

A fluid class allowing the mind and body to relax as you flow through movement and release tightness and free the mind.  A class open for any type of yogi - whether you've never done yoga before or your mat is dear to your heart!

Yin Yoga

A gentle class utilizing long, static stretches to enjoy a deeper stretch and an openness within the body. Focusing on alignment and posture to utilize on and off the mat.  This class will guide you to let the mind go deeper into your inner self and let go of what may be holding you back from deepening your posture.

Foundations Level 1 / 2

A flow class focusing on alignment and posture for any level.  Starting with some basics to remind the body of what the pose should feel like and move your practice from those reminders to your further practice!